We believe in those who some call crazy, contrarians and outsiders, but who create and transform industries and society.

We want to boost scientists, technologists and inventors building new technologies, tools and services that power businesses, enablers and new interfaces that will shape our future. We will bet on software, next generation devices and digital services to enhance customer experiences.

Leadwind aims to be a €250M VC fund investing in tech scale-ups across Southern Europe & LATAM

What we are looking for

We like to partner with mission-driven entrepreneurs who possess brains, creativity and a crazy vision. Those who thrive in chaos while being extraordinarily resilient to face uncertainty.

We look for fast growing scale ups, with proven product market fit and a track record of capital efficiency. High burn companies with little revenues and massive future capital needs are not our sweet spot.

A team of operators

Our team has been leading, creating and investing in some of the best digital companies for over the last 10 years. We team obsess about new categories at the intersection of tech enablers and existing business models.

A fund by K. If this rings a bell, please let us know →